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Owerri is the city of Nigeria and it is the capital of Imo State. Igboland is the place where owerri had been located and hence it is found to be the heart of this place. Different attractions had been provided to the people and the major areas that are very much popular in owerri are the local owerri north, owerri west and the owerri municipal. All these areas are the local government area where people can find different places and thus can enjoy themselves a lot. The population of owerri is quite larger as compared to the other cities and it had been seen that in future the population of owerri would be increased as many people prefer to visit this place.

Different types of hotels along with the restaurants had been present which allows people to have an outing with some people or with their own relative. Somehow this place is found to be a good place and is also liked by many people too.the city also extends towards the south and the east side of Nigeria. On the eastern side the Otamiri River is located and on the south side the Nworie River is found which means that the city is located between the rivers.

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The city had also been providing people with many other services and benefits. The city also have some certain airports in different locations and the airports are somehow found to be 14 miles away and they are located ay different place just for the ease for the people. The airport that is 14 miles ay is the Imo airport which allows the people to easily travel through the Abuja, Port Harcourt, Lagos and other cities all the cities of Nigeria are interlinked with each other which means that they are located very near to each of the other cities of Nigeria.

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