Arik Air Destinations

Lagos   £110 Ex Tax
Port Harcourt   £265 Ex Tax
Ibadan   £255 Ex Tax
Makurdi   £309 Ex Tax
Benin   £349 Ex Tax
Kaduna   £399 Ex Tax
Owerri   £349 Ex Tax
Yola   £399 Ex Tax
Sokoto   £399 Ex Tax

Akure   £295 Ex Tax
Illorin   £309 Ex Tax
Warri   £309 Ex Tax
Enugu   £349 Ex Tax
Calabar   £349 Ex Tax
Kano   £309 Ex Tax
Maiduguri   £399 Ex Tax
Jos   £399 Ex Tax

Arik AirLine

Arik AirLine is the Nigerian based air line and has taken the initiative that it will market the country through this carrier in all over the world. So that company is expanding the business for the special routes like London to Lagos in very cheap rates and the rates are so low that one can afford it because the fare is lower than some domestic routes even. Arik air not only operates it services for economy class passenger but also has business class which is never the less than the others so that business people can taste our true service in the real meaning and also pass their journey in comfort. We believe that we can serve you in better context and in better way because our experience, carriers and staff has capacity and especially for our in flight staff we must say that they are courteous and has human heart to serve the people with smile.

We have fleet in which we have world renowned air planes made by some of the best companies like Booing and Air Bus. Our services not remain only for the Lagos city but we gave services to other cities of the Nigeria as well so that people who want to fly to our country can join us. it is also the fact that this route of the air traffic (Lagos to London) is neglected till now but from now we analyze that people want our services so that they can visit our country which will help in expanding their business. Till now we are operating only for 8 destinations on international routes but as far as speed of growing is concerned; it is save to say that in some year we will operate our services in more than 100 destinations. Arik air is the gateway to Nigeria.

We are retail agent for Arik Air based in UK. The website should not be considered a representation of the airline, rather a means to promote sales.

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